The Best New Queer Podcasts for 2023


2022 gave us a lot of new LGBTQIA+ podcasts, here are some of the best. So start fresh in 2023 with these new hot picks

Looking back over 2022 we saw the creation of a lot of new queer podcasts. Here is our list of our favourite new podcasts from 2022 to listen to this year. Start here if you are looking for some fresh LGBTQIA+ Podcasts to listen to in 2023.

Billed as Star Trek meets The L Word , Starship Q Star is a fast paced, laugh out loud romp through the galaxy. When the “first all non-men crew” are sent on a PR mission to Mars, things go terribly wrong, starting with the annihilation of the entire human race. Whoops. Starship Q Star is an entertaining and well produced podcast that features a talented cast, where the writing is sharp, queer and very funny. Also check out the behind the scenes content on the shows socials while you are waiting for the next episode to be released.

Welcome to Provincetown follows the lives of a handful of people who live and work in this favourite LGBTQ+ destination through the summer season. The show is an intimate and honest look into the differing experiences of life in Provincetown. I love the documentary style of this podcast, where our guide is Mitra Kaboli. She brings the listener along on her personal journey as well as the journey of the people she meets, providing just the right balance between a narrative style, and situational interaction with the towns inhabitants. Live recordings interspersed through each episode bring to life the energy and vibe of the town. A peek behind the scenes that captures real life in this sultry, summery destination.

When three friends realise that their weekly catchup could be something worth recording and sharing with the world they weren’t wrong. Saeed Jones, Zach Stafford, and Sam Sanders have wonderful chemistry, and it is great entertainment to be able to eavesdrop on Internet friends you never knew you needed. This is a smart, sassy, eloquent and insightful podcast, that takes you through the weeks cultural happenings. Vibe Check combines the best of what podcasting has to offer. A chit-chat podcast that is current, entertaining, emotionally intelligent and thought provoking too.

Sam Smith Presents the story of HIV in the UK. Starting with the Terrence Higgins, who was the first person to die of HIV in the UK. The 8 part series does a deep dive into stories of people living with HIV, showing how the experience of people with HIV has changed over the last 40 years. A great aspect of A Positive Life: HIV from Terrence Higgins to Today is that it also highlights the ways people are helping to fight to end the still present stigma around HIV. this is an important topic, handled with care and a personal and sensitive lens.

Chosen Family brings together the queer youtube powerhouses of Ashley Gavin, Mak Ingemi and Alayna Joy. Another great chit-chat show were they discuss all manner of queer topics, and answer listener questions about all things queer. Listen in to find out who’s the Daddy, who's the Mommy, and who's the Baby (Ahem, "Hot Teenage Son")

Black and Gay, Back in the Day has a popular, associated Instagram account of the same name. Each episode looks back at the recent history of black queer life in Britain by examining a photo from archives dating back from the 70’s, all the way to the early 2000’s. Marc Thompson is the narrator who invites a younger black LGBTQIA+ co-host each episode, to investigate the story connected to the picture. Each picture and each episode open a doorway to the often untold stories of black queer life in Britain.

If you’ve already read the comics, watched the show on Netflix, and listened to Cherii doing ASMR readings of the comics on youtube, then its time to listen to Proper Full-on Gay Crisis -The Heartstopper Podcast. More than an ‘after-show’ podcast, it goes further, delving into the challenges that queer youth face today, and how young queers live their lives across the UK and Ireland. Fun and informative.